Monday, January 30, 2012

Toffee Nose's (POSH BASTARDS)

Another bunch of BASTARDS I hate!!!!  Snobby fuckheads really get on my WICK, just because you live a richer fuckin silly cunt of a lifestyle doesnt give you the right to look down your fuckin nose at me, dickhead!! Driving around in a flashy car/jeep thinking your the big I AM, fuck that shit!  When I was walking into work last week, theres a mercedies factory near me and some fucker came flying into the driveway in his fancy MERC, well fuck that shit, he could have killed someone, just coz you own that fancy car doesnt mean you own DUBLIN, you pox bottle you!!! I will break your toffee nose with a TOFFEE HAMMER, MOTHERFUCKHEAD!!!  That snobby accent aswell that the cunts adopt really gets on my TITS, yes thats ROISH, DISH and DASH, last time I looked there was no S in THAT!!! For fuckin hell!!!  These cunts need a smack of reality in the form of a FISH ON A DRAWER SLIDE, like in TAXI DRIVER, except he has a gun on his, my one would have a mackeral or something, POSHO's can go FUCK THEMSELVES!! A good day to ya!!!!

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