Wednesday, January 18, 2012

24 Hours to Kill: The murders of Marius Szwajkos and Pawel Kalite

This is on a more serious note this time, mostly I do joke posts but this programme actually made my blood boil.  This fuckin scum of the earth bastard named David Curran and his other scumbag mate that deserve to rot in fuckin hell Sean Keogh killed 2 innocent polish people.  It started over a scuffle outside a chipper, one of the scumbags bumped into one of the polish guys and next of all it all started a melee with all the scumbags getting the better of him.  Thats the way scumbags operate you see, they never go for you on theyre own, oh no, theyre fuckin cowards you see, i would love to exterminate every one of the fuckers!!!  As if that wasnt enough, giving the poor lad a hiding, no, the sick fucker goes round to the lads house and stabs him and his friend through the head with a screwdriver, yeah, a fuckin screwdriver, thats just fuckin evil, SCUM OF THE FUCKIN EARTH!!!  I really hope these fuckers are being made pick up the soap in prison on a regular basis, I would love if someone murdered the fuckers in prison or something, thats not justice, sending these fuckers to prison, they make new friends and live a comfortable scumbag lifestyle, bring back public execution for these type of fuckers!!! FUCKIN SCUM!!!

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