Monday, January 30, 2012


Now these motherfuckers I HATE with a PASSION!!!!  Fuckin wasters so they are, standing around all they in theyre tracksuits bothering people, with theyre hands down theyre CAX!! Whats with that, are they checking to see if they still have a mickey, what the fuck!!! Silly twats!!!  The other thing aswell is theyre bumfluff tash's, it looks like a piece of dirt above your fuckin lip, it looks horrendous, also known as a KNACKTASH.  Another thing that really pisses me off about these TWATSKYS is the mess fighting, what the fuck is with that for jaysus sake, GET A ROOM!!!!  Theyres defo some sexual tension or something there, they cant keep theyre fuckin MITS off of each other, AHHHH!!!  Other things TILTED CAP(needs a slap), KNACKTASH(facial smash), HANDS DOWN JOX(hes a fuckin pox), TRACKSUIT(give em a boot), NIKE AIR SHOES(he needs a facial bruise), CHOKER CHAIN(smack him with a smoothing plain)!! FUCK THE LOT OF THEM, making peoples lives a fuckin misery, EXTERMINATE the fuckers I say, stupid little moronic wankbags!!! Goodnighty!!!

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