Friday, January 20, 2012

Book Mart Talbot Street

An old buddy of mine got in touch with me and asked me to do a review of this shop, me and him used to go into this shop back in the day to buy/trade games.  I would be surprised if this place is still running to be honest because this place was a fuckin joke.  The guy that ran the place was some tulip I tells ya and when I say tulip I mean proper fuckin dickwad!  Anyway back to the shtory, you would bring in a PS1/N64 and this is when the PS1/s where the size of an aircraft carrier, you would have about 6 games with it and you'd ask your man could you trade it off another console, now that sounds like a straight trade to me but nah!!! I can knock 5 pounds off the console, ARE YOU HAVING A FUCKIN GIRAFFE MOTHERFUCKER!!! He would be deadly serious and all and his voice was as boring as Dave Fannings aswell so you'd be nearly falling asleep just listening to the fucker but anyway, the shop was a fuckin rip off and oh yeah, the way he had the games displayed, someone would ask to have a look at something on a shelf behind him and then the other lad would go for the reacharound and rob a game from behind the counter, I seen it happen, this was talbot street after all.  There was these other 2 lads that used to work there that didnt have a clue what day it was, is this game any good, eh, uh, uh, i dunno, it looks good on the back, but it could be the worst game in the world, you fuckin MORON!!! The fucker would also rip you off on your old school books, even if without mickeys drawn on some of the characters, haha but yeah, I should have said to him when I was selling NO SALE and then smacked him with a copy of BUSY AT MATHS 6 into the skull!!!! Anyway, book mart, what a load of BOLLOX!!!

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