Friday, January 27, 2012

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand XBOX 360

I'm not a fan of 50 cents music, I think he's grade A bullshit but this game is a fuckin GEM!!!! I picked this up in Gamestop for 11.99 and it was 11.99 well fuckin spent let me tell ya!!!  This is a third person shooter kinda like Kane and Lynch, Army of Two and all that stuff.  Its nice and violent and the scoring system is like an arcade, you get a headshot and you get more points that anything, thats why cunts keep getting theyre head blown off by yours truly!!! Its cracking, you get upgrades and shit like that to buy new weapons, silenced pistol is my fuckin favourite, i fuckin love it, the grenades are class, the language in it is beautiful also, FUCK THIS and FUCK THAT, right up my street!!!  The gore factor is fuckin fantastic, when you shoot someone the blood splats onto the wall and when you kill them theres a pool of blood left, lets keep that to the gaming world, in real life, that would be horrific but games are fuckin class, especially the violent ones, this is a great game and get it if you like your third person shooters!!! Over agus out!!!

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