Friday, January 27, 2012

Ainsley Harriot French Onion Cup a Soup

Well heres a fuckin humdinger for ya!  This was years ago I bought these things and it only came to mind now, coz i start doing these reviews again and I thought, these defo need a mention.  Right, they were selling these in Aldi before for 1.25 or something for 3 or 4 sachets and I thought to myself, hmm, thats good value and I had never had a french onion cup a soup before because the real french onion soup, in the words of colin farrel from intermission "FUCKIN DELISH MAN" but this was far from it!!!  I got home one day from a hard days work and was feeling a tad peckish, so I knocked on the oul kettle and got a few slices of bread ready, "click", thats the kettle there, so i poured the powder from the soup into the mug and I thought to myself that powder smells a bit funky, anyway, I poured the water on the powder and fuck me, the smell that hit me was unbefuckinlievable, it was like a rat crawled up a skunks arse and died, its was fuckin vile, disgusting and then to add insult to injury, i take a fuckin sip, ahhhhhhh!!!!! My face went from mortified to what the fuck am I doing to myself!!!  It was like I was gagged with a sweaty sock filled with shite and onion, its was fuckin mank i tells ya!!!!!  I fucked the rest of the thing down the sink and the soups went straight into the bin, box and all with that fucker ainsleys chevy chase(face) on it combined with autograph!!! These things were HELL in a sachet, if you ever see them, steer clear i tell ya, steer clear, if you happen to see ainsley near a box of them, throw them into his face and tell him to fuck off and never cook AGAIN!!! Goodnight!!

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