Saturday, October 26, 2013

Skangers who over exaggerate!!!!!!!

Oh hell no, oh fucking hell no!!! This is one you hear a lot of on the fucking bus which is where i spend most my fucking life! You hear a gang of the cunts on the bus, "ah heor, ya wud wanna heor wat i dun da udder nigh, oy drank about 100 cans"! Yeah, sure ya fucking did, i believe ya yeah and david copperfield actually made the statue of liberty disappear, oh yeah, ya definitely did drink 100 cans, club orange maybe, but not alcohol, ya would be BROWN BREAD and that wouldnt be a bad thing either, one less of the fucking VERMIN! I rode this girl the other night, yeah, sure ya did, taking one look at your grotesque elephant mannish head, ya definitely didnt, ya ugly fucking skanger cunt!!!!!  Ya may have receieved a handjob, definitely, FROM YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!! Good day!!!


Hi dee hi!  This gets on my tits! Your walking through town and you see a pigeon flying towards you, it goes straight for your fucking HEAD!! Whats that all about, yeah, these are evolved from skangers, have you even noticed that only skangers are really PIGEON FANCIERS!!! yeah, ya get me! Horrible looking things aswell, i was in stephens green park one day and i was eating a CHICKEN FILLEH ROWELL and the bastard pigeon wouldnt let me enjoy, the cunting thing kept coming over to me as if it wanted a piece, I kept telling it to fuck off coz it was getting on my tits!  The thing is that pigeon probably would have robbed that roll and my phone if it had the chance!!! The horrible little bastards, in gta 4 they are called FLYING RATS, yeah, that is right because they fucking are they should be called SKIGEONS (skanger pigeons) or DIGEONS (dirtbird pigeons) oh you get my drift, good nighty night!!!

Skangers who look out the back window of a bus at you upstairs of the bus in front!!!!!!!!!

Viddy well, viddy fucking well! This is a topic that really really (undertones reference there) pisses me off!!!!! Your on the bus sitting at the front minding your own business and look, would ya just look, theres about 4 skangers eye balling you from the bus in front.  What the fuck are you looking at, my name is not JOHNNER, JOHNNAH, STEVAH, KELLIER, FATBOY, JOHNEEEEE, PAULER, GOOYEYES!!! NO ITS NOT!  Im not your friend, so stop fucking looking! Yeah, its another bus behind you, you know what a bus looks like, your on one you fucking cabbage!!!  I remember i was on the 77a one day and the 151 was in front of me down at crumlin shopping centre and these 2 fuck heads kept looking around so i had enough and just said moving my lips TURN THE FUCK AROUND!!!!  They looked outraged, this is taking staring problems to a whole nother level!!! The fucks, if this ever happens you again, just stick the middle finger up and wave it about, if they get off and get on your bus, your on your own!!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The way skanger young wans (skanger girls, chav women, dirt, scum) eat rolls and other food stuffs!!!!

Hoy hoy there and welcome to another edition of me giving out about skangers once again because I hate the vermin scummy bastards!!!!  Right, this is one that boggles the fuckin mind, have you ever seen a skanger eating a roll or jambon which them scummers seem to love!  Numero uno, they order the roll and I hate the way they ask for it too, it makes me wanna put my head through the deli counter, they ask for it in a bossy I own dublin type manner, fuckin bastards! "Can oy geh a chicken filleh rowell wit lodza majonasse pleyezz" oh no wait, they dont say pleyezz or even please because they are about as polite as fucking hitler! If i was working there I would say, could you say that to me again, in fucking english pleyezz or get the fuck out, in fact, no, get the fuck out!  When they finally get their rowell, they get outside, open the bastarding thing which takes them about half an hour because theyre talking shite about Johnner or their fellah!!!  Now heres the thing that pisses me the fuck off, they start eating the thing but they dont take a big bite of the fucking thing, no, they pick little bits off and eat it like a mouse or budgy, fuckin arseholes! EAT THE FUCKING THING WILL YA FOR HOLY HELL SAKE!!! I would love to take one french stick and fill it up with about 50 chicken fillets, lodza majonasse, a couple of onions for good measure and top it off with a nice bit of lettuce and then, BEAT THE SKANGER CUNT INTO OBLIVION WITH THE FUCKING THING, GOODNIGHT!!!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Skangers who ask, ARE YOU A HIPPY?

Now this my pedigree chums gets on my fucking tits!!! A skanger comes up and asks, heor, are you a  hippy? Well clearly fucking not, I don't shout flower power and wear tie dyed tshirts and cax! That's just like me asking are you a skanger, well I don't need to ask that because I can clearly fucking tell!!!! Judging by that stupid fucking tone of voice, the unibrow, the dirty on your neck and that dodgy looking filth tash, you are a grade A skanger fuck and waste of fucking space!!!  They think they are being smart but theyre not and theyre heads are made of vulcanized rubber and that's a fuckin fact!  They will all be in third fucking class until they are about 50 years old! Why are you still in this class, your clearly drawing your pension, miss em because I never figured out why the chicken crossed the road! YOU ARE A RUBBERHEADED MORON!  Another one they seem to use is heor lads, look at him/her, look at fucking you! Tracksuit bottoms with socks rolled over them, bubble body warmer, hats and fucking gloves during the summer or as I say SCUMMER! the bang of fucking failure off ya and yar family!!! FIND A HOLE, CRAWL INTO IT AND FUCKING DIE YIZ MUCK SAVAGES!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Skangers Wearing Tracksuit Bottoms Like Shorts!

In the words of that dirty motherfucker jimmy saville, now then, now then! This latest craze is fucking ridiculous.  I was walking through town this morning and I seen these two Scobey (scummy, dirty, skanger) bastards and they were right dodgy, especially in the skanger clothes department.  Both of them were wearing Knacksuits but one of them had the knacksuit bottoms rolled up around his cha na na na knees knees!!!! The fuckin scummy fuck! What is this latest fucking craze, I've seen it round tallaght and just never got round to writing about it but today was the last fucking straw let me tell ya.  I couldn't let this go, I just couldn't, the dirtbags!!!  Go out and buy a pair of fucking shorts ya stupid little fuckturds!  Nah, they wouldn't buy them, they'd rob them, even the eyes out of your fucking head and then they would come back for your fucking eyelashes! LOW DOWN DIRTY BASTARDS! GOOD DAY!!!