Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wankers that take up half the cycle lane in theyre cars and Walkinstown Roundabout Wacko's

This is something that really pisses me the fuck off!!! The cycle lane is meant for fuckin BICYCLES, not fuckin cars, you should be able to cycle down a cycle lane fancy free without any bleedin hassle, but no, theyres drivers that just dont give a fuck about cyclists, theyd kill ya if they had the chance, fuckers! Anyway, cycling down greenhills road every morning, except for tuesdays, theyres always fuckers I cant get past taking up half the cycle lane, well here, if you want your wing mirror removed free of charge I will happily do it for ya, ya fucker!  Then we come to the fuckin hellish nightmare that is Walkinstown JAYSUS Roundabout and weve got fuckers Jockeying for position to try and get down one of the roads in a hurry, I just get off my bike at that stage because I know if I try and cycle through there I wont be cycling again if you get my drift!  Its fuckin bedlam I tells ya, cunts nearly crashing into each other, its like watching the bumper cars in bray(rip), but yeah FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!

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