Friday, February 3, 2012

Topnovil-Same Old Story

Right right, Topnovil are an Australian punk rock band I discovered yesterday, when I heard the title track The Fight from theyre same old story album I was fuckin hooked, i heard it on a blog.  I was on a download site and seen the album and I seen them compared to Rancid and Bouncing Souls, I am a huge fan of both these bands so I decided to check this band out and fuck me sideways with a spoon, they were the dogs bollocks.  I downloaded the album which is 15 tracks of pure punk rock with some ska punk songs also, I think the american version has 18 tracks, hey hey, i need 3 extra fuckin tracks, anyway.  The album kicks off with a song called The Fight, which at the start sounds very Dropkick Murphys/Real McKenzies coz it has the oul bagpipe's which i'm a huge fan of but holy shit, these lads pull it off, straight into a rancid sounding number.  Second track Another Scenario sounds like Rancid "and out come the wolves" era and exactly like that band Left Alone(pure fuckin class).  From then on, the album takes off and its like a boot in the head from a steeltoe doc marten boot, every track is fuckin class, whether it be the ska numbers or just the punk rock tracks, this album is a fuckin knockout and I definately recommend it for any punk rock lovin motherfucker out there!!  What are you waiting for, get onto and get the fuckin thing!! Good day to ya now!!!

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