Thursday, January 26, 2012

Budweiser Lager

Well where do I start with this tantalisingly refreshing alcoholic beverage!!!  This stuff is the bees knees, the dogs bollocks, the fiddlers elbow, you get my drift!! This stuff is great, its 4.3 in the percentage department which is quite nice, it means you can drink plenty of the fuckers and not be banjaxed.  Id say I could drink about 12 of these bad boys in one sitting and it would get me nicely toasted and next morning, guess what, no hangover, I dont know how or why but this is one of them beers that does that and its fuckin fantastic!!  Skangers on the other hand, they drink bottles of this and after about 2 of them, THEYRE SHITFACED!!! Stupid little knack tash sporting idiots, they just cant handle theyre ale, now fuck off and dont waste my time!!! BUDWEISER IS THE DOGS BOLLOCKS!!!!! Cans and Pints only, bottles can piss off!!!!


  1. Its made with Rice and they empty bags of Beech sawdust into the machine (I'm not kidding ya ) The 'beer' flows through the sawdust and out the other end, Beech wood aged my arse...LOL