Friday, January 27, 2012


Well well, one of the biggest bands in Irish rock history, sold loads of albums, sold out stadiums, guess what, I DONT GIVE A FUCK!!!!!  4 talentless fuckin twats that somehow made it lucky in a fluky kinda way.  Shitbags, Bono cant sing to save his life and as for his guitar playin skills, lets not get into that right now, The Edge(what kinda fuckin nickname is that anyway) voted one of the top 10 guitarists on some thing I watched one night, he was higher than SLASH, fuck that shit, who was listening to him, i'll tell ya who, someone who doesnt know a fuckin thing about music, thats who, shit guitarist, then weve got Adam wankbag Clayton on bass, he's so shit its unbefuckinlievable, he just stands there pretending to play and does this stupid little dance with his stupid shades on, fuck him anyway and last we have Larry i tiddle the drums Mullen Jr, what a shit drummer, sitting there pretending to play the drums, some people think hes one of the best, hahahah hahahahaahahahahaah, hahahaha, cough cough, my breakfast is coming up, hahahahaahah, choke, hahhahah! Hes shit!! There are tonnes of better bands around in Dublin past and present that would piss all over U2, the blades, horslips, thin lizzy, radiators!! you get my drift, some people think u2 are one of the best Irish bands ever, i have news for you, theyre not and you need to get a fuckin life!!!! WHAT A LOAD OF TALENTLESS WANK!!! Now managed by Louis Walsh, you heard it here first, hahahahahah!!! Good day!!!

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