Thursday, January 26, 2012

Angelic Upstarts/Crashed Out Split: The Dirty Dozen

Well fuck me sideways with a rowing oar!!!  This split is some of the best punk rock I have heard in a while let me tell ya!!  The upstarts are at theyre fuckin best on this, every song is a cracker and as for crashed out, fuckin brilliant band, they play punk rock n roll, sound slightly like social distortion, wretched ones, reducers sf, that kinda stuff, its fuckin great.  The track that stood out most for me by the upstarts was Nazi BNP, which is about them fuckin wankers!!! Its your basic upstarts song with deadly verse which brings you into the deadly Oi sounding chorus, that makes the hair stand on the back of your ballsack, i mean neck, sorry sorry!! haha!  Crashed out track that stands out for me on this is Get a Life, its sounds like "let the boots do the talking" by Oi Polloi, but fuck it, its a cracking track, as is the oi polloi song but yeah, this split is a must for all Punk Rock/Oi/Punk rock n roll fans, get it, do it now, do it today or do it eventually!!!!! YOU HEAR ME!!! Over and Out!!!

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