Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Vinetree Off Licence

Well well, I was on the 123 bus yesterday coming through summerhill(dodgy as fuck) or as I call it SCUMMERHILL, anyway the further you go down on the bus I think you come to ballybough(more scum).  There was this mad looking offo called Vine Tree, I seen 2 scummers enter the place also, its like one you'd see in belfast with some fantastic prices, like in belfast.  This had things like 2 flagons for 4.99 and all this, big bottles of beer for fuck all, this sounds right up my street but not that fuckin street, I dont wanna be going to BANDIT COUNTRY to get my ale i fuckin tell thee!  Id rather stick with the local offo, i dont wanna be getting my face kicked off for a couple of cheap cans of lager with a name like GOBBLERS KNOB ALE or JOLLY REACHAROUND STOUT!! Fuck that shit, wouldnt go near the place!!! G'day!

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