Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Where in the name of fuckin hell do I start with this one!  Its about a couple of chav/scumbag/wastes of space/scum of the earth motherfuckers from Dublin of which only 2 of them or something are from tallaght, holy jaysus man, lets get to it!  Right its like one of them programmes like Jersey fuckin Shore or something yeah, if America make one, then England make one of course fuckin Ireland have to make one aswell! Fuckin wank!  Anyway back to the point, its actually very painful to talk about this for fucks sake! Right, its these 7 or 8 mutants living in some gaff, I dont even think its in Tallaght, I could be wrong though, they just sit round all day talking complete and utter shite with theyre big orange fuckin heads on them, one of them her teeth are so big she could eat an apple through a picket fuckin fence, she could eat a water melon throught a fuckin cot! You get my drift, they even shop in the square and spend 700 quid on fuck all, i could have spent that money on getting them all executed for fuck sake, in the words of Bill Hicks "bad fuckin choice"! Anyway, dont watch this piece of crap, it does exactly what it says on the tin(of fake tan)! Its a fuckin joke and last time i checked tallaght was spelt the way i just spelt it there, not TALLA, thats pronouned TAWLA and sounds like your from D 4 or something, oh fuck off!!!! Bye now!! 

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