Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Philips SHE8000 Earphones

Oh boy oh fuckin boy!!!! These things are the dogs fuckin bollocks!!!  I got these for 12.99 reduced from 34.99 and fuck me, it was one of the best 12.99's i've ever spent.  These are loud as fuck, which means no background noise.  Those skanger cunts down the back of the bus listening to theyre stupid fuckin unce unce unce music and squeaky voice ringtones have become a thing of the past with these bad boys in your EARHOLES!!!  I use them cycling and on the bus, cycling I have them up pretty loud and I can hear no traffic which is fuckin great(makes me sound like some kind of crazy cyclist, well guess what, i'm not, I am always very aware) and then on the bus, you dont even need to have your mp3 player turned up very loud because these bad boys do all the fuckin work.  I love when you cant hear skanger dickheads on the bus because they do be talking complete and utter shite and those ringtones, holy fuck, my eye does be twitching like fuck, saying to myself, get me off this bus but now they all go fuck themselves!!!! I would definately recommend these bad boys, get your ass to argos if you want a set!!! G'BYE!!!!

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