Friday, February 10, 2012

Ireland AM

Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!  Now this show really gets on my TITS!!!  We have the presenters Sinead "OWL FACE" Desmond(She has a head like a fuckin owl, the state of the cunt), Aiden "WHO ATE ALL THE PIES" Cooney, Mark "I'M GONNA GET THE SACK VERY SOON FOR SAYING SOMETHING DODGY" Cagney and Laura "I THINK I OWN TV3" Woods and on News we have Siobhan "THE JAW" Bastible(the size of that fucking jaw).  Right right, the shit they do be talking about on this, very serious stuff like how the country is fucked and theyre sitting there acting concerned but they dont give a fuck because they taking home a fuckin GIGANTIC salary at the end of the week, the fuckheads.  When yer wan Sinead is interviewing people she's nearly falling aFUCKINGsleep, shes about as interested in the topic as I am in seeing jedward in concert for fuck sake and then yer man mark cagney or fatso fuck aiden is always interrupting whoevers talking. LOADA BOLLOCKS!!!  Theyre only down the road from me, well the studio where its filmed, perhaps I should cycle down there and fuck loads of shit at them like frozen burgers, eggs, seaweed, chairs, tables, desks!!! Wankers, take the show off the air now!!! GOBSHITES!!! Have a nice day now ya hear!!

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