Thursday, February 9, 2012

O2 Broadband

Well I'd like to just start by saying, PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!  This is my 45th post by the way, mental.  Anyway, lets get back to this piece of SHIT!  Right, it costs a fair bit to buy the modem itself, about 90euro if im not mistaken and then on top of that the bill of 20 euro a month, some people are on different plans even 30 euro per month.  Sounds like your getting a bargain hey, well guess what, YOUR FUCKIN NOT!!!  This is a plastic DONGle that you plug into the side of your computer, the USB port to be exact, its very fuckin awkward because it keeps banging off shit and disconnecting, thats BULLSHIT!!  It makes this annoying noise when it disconnects that goes "duh dum, duh dum", well folks, get use to it because your gonna be hearing that sound an awful fuckin lot!!!  The coverage on this thing is a fuckin joke also, you load up a page and you can go off and make your fuckin dinner before the thing is loaded, DIAL UP is probably a better option, I SHIT YOU NOT!!!  Sometimes it even disconnects itself without you even doing anything, HOLY HELL!!!  You'd be better off trying to find free wifi or something from someones gaff, fleece it if you have to because seriously, this shit will make you have a BREAKDOWN, you'll probably go through several computers/laptops from beating the fuck out of them because this thing wont connect.  I tell you, this should come with warning saying, THIS COULD BE BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!!!  Dont get this shit, its not worth a WANK, spend your money on something else, go to the fuckin library and use theyre broadband and if your worried about the bus fair getting theyre, just think of how much it would cost to buy that modem, pay the bill and YOUR HEALTH for fuck sake!! Take it easy compadres and dont do the horse that is O2!!! Good day!!

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