Thursday, February 9, 2012

Old Rubber Wrestlers from the 80's

Hoy hoy there, today I am talking about them huge rubber wrestlers from the 80's you use to be able to get.  These things were fucking giant, heres a picture if you dont know what I'm talking about but i'm sure a lot of you do!

We played with these things for hours on end, you couldnt even move them really because the rubber was so fuckin thick on the jaysus things, I remember a lad trying to do a DDT with the jake the snake figure and his arm came off, yeah, your not supposed to do that!! Hahaha!  After getting bored with playing with them we'd have a little fight with them, I mean like hitting each other over the head with them and all that shit! If you got a smack over the head with these things you would have a lump on your head for about a MONTH for fuck sake!! Hahaha!  Mental stuff!  Then there was a lad around the corner from us who use to bite the fuckin toes off them, why the fuck would you do that, is he not getting fed or summid!!!  Anyway, all his figures were destroyed coz either the toes were bitten off or something else, he asked me one day did I wanna swap him I think I had BRETT HART and he wanted to swap DYNAMITE KID minus the fuckin toes for it and I said no, of course!  Where as I should have said NO YOU HUNGA, THE TOES ARE FUCKIN MISSIN, he cant even stand up for fucks sake!! I know I have some more funny one's about them but just cant think of any at the mo, oh yeah, someone had a MR WONDERFUL figure, it was the same lad that broke his jake the snake, yeah, the figure had NO FUCKIN ARMS ON IT, what was it with him and taking the arms off, ah right, he was probably trying to do moves with them out of the comfort zone, haha, the stupid fuck head!!!!  Anyway, these wrestlers were fuckin excellent and really enjoyed them apart from getting belted over the head with them hahah!!! Maybe thats where the term RUBBERHEAD spawned from, if you got a smack of one of these loads of times it turned you into one, hahahah!!! Good day to ya!!!

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