Friday, February 10, 2012

Northside Shopping Centre

Now hello, this place is a FUCKIN KIP!!! This place is 18,000 meters squared of sheer SHITHOLE!!  Its has a lot of shops in it including Dunnes(rip off), Kennys Sports(load of bollocks), Tommys Out, I mean Tommys Toyshop(oh wait, thats not even there anymore), Mascot Newsagent(scummers work there), Graham O Sullivan's Restaurant(they do an exquisate GRAVY CHIP but its a KIP), FAS(you have about as much chance of finding work there as not coming across a dealer outside the shopping centre), McDonalds(the less said about this outlet, the better, lets just put it this way, the living dead eat in there and hang around outside).  Thers a wide range of shitholes in this centre, theres probably about 60 or more shitholes i'd say.   Anyway, this place is a fuckin kip, the security in there would actually help you fleece the place, its a joke and of course a kip like this wouldnt be what it is without THE SKANGERS, oh yeah, theres fuckin plenty of them in here, you cant move a cm without bumping into one of the FUCKERS!!  Whatever you do, only go to this shopping district with about a tenner because chances are, its gonna be nicked on you!!!, see what I mean.  Stay away from this kip if you know whats good for you, all the good shops that use to be there are gone, so theres no need for you to go!!! BYE BYE NOW!!!

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