Friday, February 3, 2012

People who talk about theyre Spouse/Partner as if you know them!

This really gets on my BALLSACK!!!!  People I've worked with and been on course's with and all that shite talking about theyre spouse/partner as if theyre your best mate, ah yeah ANTO bought me this last night, who the fuck is ANTO, i've only met ya 5 minutes ago and if your boyfriends name is ANTO your obviously a SKANGER CUNT!!! Anyway, I used to work with a right FUCKHOLE years ago and she'd be talking about her boyfriend, now husband(god help him) coz she is some piece of work and he looks like HARRY POTTER, but anyway, she'd be walking around the office talking to people saying ah FRAN this and FRAN that, FRAN cooked me a big meal last night, yeah, ya can tell coz someone of your carraige EVANS cant even make clothes for you for fucks sake!!!!  Its a load of crap anyway, I dont know them and the way they talk about them frankly my dear I dont give a fuck about meeting them!!! Tatty day day!!!

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