Monday, February 6, 2012

Heinz Smokey BBQ Beans

Well heres a doozy for ya,  the idea of these sounds nice but that can be very deceiving i tell you, very deceiving indeed.  I bought these in tesco a few weeks ago and I was saying to myself oh i'd say these will be fuckin delish man, but no, in the words of social distortion "I WAS WRONG", why does this keep happening to me, sweetcorn relish, anesley harriot for gods sake.  Right, I got in from being out on a session one night and decided I would have something to eat, that something to eat being in the form of BBQ beans, I thought there was gonna be a party in my gob and everyone was asked to attend but NAH,  one forkfull of these bbq flavoured death bullets was more than enough, my face went from normal to looking like THE ELEPHANT MAN, they were rotten I tells ya, fuckin rotten, I cant really describe the taste, it certainly didnt taste like bbq anyway,  it was like there was a funeral in my mouth and everyone was flinging bbq flavoured feces around the gaff smothered in bin lorry smell, fuckin rank!!!!  Anyway, your better off sticking to the old school way and just putting bbq sauce into your beans, I done that before and it was A1 SHARON, take it easy now and dont buy them beans, you'll regret it i tell ya!!! Good day to yiz!!!

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