Monday, February 27, 2012

Conor Keaney from

Now this little ARSE GRAPE is a reviewer from some site called, should be called in my opinion because its pure SHITE!!!  Anyway, this little FUCK STAIN done a review of SLF when they played here last time also slating the lee harveys, well this little FECAL NUGGET wouldnt know punk if it booted him in the face very hard and that should be the case, the little fuckwit.  It sounded like he was earwigging quite a lot at this gig also because he has a lot of stuff that people were talking about in the review, the nosey little PRICK BAG!!!  And if this is the cunt i'm thinking of, it looks like hes been smacked in the nose a couple of times coz its flat as fuck, thats what ya get when you cant keep your nose out of other peoples affairs, now fuck off ya NOSEY SON OF A WANK BAG 2012!!!  If he done a bad review of a performance I done, next time I seen him I would FUCK my BASS GUITAR(AXE) at the FUCK PIG!!!  You can read the SHODDY review here, he doesnt know what hes SHITING about, perhaps the amount of digs he's got in the past fucked with his head, hahaha, THE LITTE SHIT STAIN!!!!!  It starts off with I GOT TO THE ACADEMY TOO EARLY, well go for a fucking PINT in THE OVAL across the road you THICK CUNT!!!!