Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Carlos 3 pack Pizza's from ALDI

Wellety wellety, these things are fuckin mank!!!  Bought them one saturday for dinner, thought we were getting a bargain but NAY, when you open the box its like 3 giant rich tea biscuits covered in tomato sauce with cheese on it, at least rich tea are fuckin nice, these things are POXY!!!  Cooked one of them anyway and fuck, one bite and you could tell straightaway why they were so low in price, fuck me, they must be made out of newspaper or something, after taking a bite it was like the running of the bull in my mouth and they stampeded through all sorts of shite on the way through, fuckin woeful.  Dont get me wrong, carlos do make some nice pizzas in aldi but these ones take the COCK, i mean CAKE, dont get them, i mean it, you'll be crying on the inside once you take a bite.  There was 3 of them pizzas your wondering and we only cooked one, where did the other 2 go your wondering, not down the pie hole, in the fuckin bin, if they fit down the jax i would have gladly flushed them down there, PURE MANKINESS IN PIZZA FORM, dont thrust them,  i mean trust sorry.  Tata!

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