Thursday, March 1, 2012

George Hook

Now this RASHER EARED FUCK is a huge pain in the fuckin arse!!!!  I hate this piece of shit, his voice cuts through me like THE SHITS after a few BAD PINTS OF GUINNESS!!!  Now listen, he does news talk and all this bollocks and he loves RUGBY(loadoffuckingbollocksfuckinwankshitcrapatrocioussucksballsacktotheenthdegreeBIGGESTPILEOFWANKEVER)! Hooooo, im out of breath after that!  He also hates cyclists, oh is that right, PORK CHOP EARS, GAMMON STEAK LOBES, he has a head like A WELL SLAPPED ARSE, A COW LICKING PISS OFF A NETTLE, BULLDOG CHEWING ON A WASP, A BOILED SHITE, JOHN MERRICK(ELEPHANT MAN)!  Hes a complete and uttter WANKER and that Sky televsion ad doesnt do him any fuckin favours, oh no suree bob it fuckin doesnt!! Hes even talking shite on that ad aswell! Im glad PJ Gallagher stung the fuck on NAKED CAMERA because you could see what he was really like, well, I kinda knew he was a DICKHEAD when I first seen/heard THE SON OF A FATFUCK!!!  GEORGE HOOK CAN GO "FOOK" HIMSELF!!! The BRAWN MC HAGGIS HEADED FUCK!!! Now goodnight and dont have nightmares about this DILDO!!!!

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