Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Skangers Wearing Tracksuit Bottoms Like Shorts!

In the words of that dirty motherfucker jimmy saville, now then, now then! This latest craze is fucking ridiculous.  I was walking through town this morning and I seen these two Scobey (scummy, dirty, skanger) bastards and they were right dodgy, especially in the skanger clothes department.  Both of them were wearing Knacksuits but one of them had the knacksuit bottoms rolled up around his cha na na na knees knees!!!! The fuckin scummy fuck! What is this latest fucking craze, I've seen it round tallaght and just never got round to writing about it but today was the last fucking straw let me tell ya.  I couldn't let this go, I just couldn't, the dirtbags!!!  Go out and buy a pair of fucking shorts ya stupid little fuckturds!  Nah, they wouldn't buy them, they'd rob them, even the eyes out of your fucking head and then they would come back for your fucking eyelashes! LOW DOWN DIRTY BASTARDS! GOOD DAY!!!


  1. I will have to track some scummers down and try and get a photo, was looking online there and couldn't get anything, they are remaining under the radar on this one, the cunts!