Saturday, October 26, 2013


Hi dee hi!  This gets on my tits! Your walking through town and you see a pigeon flying towards you, it goes straight for your fucking HEAD!! Whats that all about, yeah, these are evolved from skangers, have you even noticed that only skangers are really PIGEON FANCIERS!!! yeah, ya get me! Horrible looking things aswell, i was in stephens green park one day and i was eating a CHICKEN FILLEH ROWELL and the bastard pigeon wouldnt let me enjoy, the cunting thing kept coming over to me as if it wanted a piece, I kept telling it to fuck off coz it was getting on my tits!  The thing is that pigeon probably would have robbed that roll and my phone if it had the chance!!! The horrible little bastards, in gta 4 they are called FLYING RATS, yeah, that is right because they fucking are they should be called SKIGEONS (skanger pigeons) or DIGEONS (dirtbird pigeons) oh you get my drift, good nighty night!!!

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