Saturday, October 26, 2013

Skangers who look out the back window of a bus at you upstairs of the bus in front!!!!!!!!!

Viddy well, viddy fucking well! This is a topic that really really (undertones reference there) pisses me off!!!!! Your on the bus sitting at the front minding your own business and look, would ya just look, theres about 4 skangers eye balling you from the bus in front.  What the fuck are you looking at, my name is not JOHNNER, JOHNNAH, STEVAH, KELLIER, FATBOY, JOHNEEEEE, PAULER, GOOYEYES!!! NO ITS NOT!  Im not your friend, so stop fucking looking! Yeah, its another bus behind you, you know what a bus looks like, your on one you fucking cabbage!!!  I remember i was on the 77a one day and the 151 was in front of me down at crumlin shopping centre and these 2 fuck heads kept looking around so i had enough and just said moving my lips TURN THE FUCK AROUND!!!!  They looked outraged, this is taking staring problems to a whole nother level!!! The fucks, if this ever happens you again, just stick the middle finger up and wave it about, if they get off and get on your bus, your on your own!!!!

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