Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Now this skanger voiced fat fucking bastard gets on my TITS!  The cunt has his own little cushy number day to day on the radio, yeah, he has a face for the fuckin radio like his buddy MARTY CUM FACE MORRISEY! Anyway back to this little prick! All the grannys do be ringing in complaining about all sorts and hes sitting in his chair thinking he has the answers to everything, well i have news for you, you pudgy pig, ya dont!  Someone actually knocked him down a while ago, fair play to ya but you didnt finish the job, the fat cunt is still with us doing a show called LOCAL FUCKING HEROES!!!  At least the cunt was in hospital for a while but not LONG ENOUGH!!!  That show local heroes, holy fuckin hell its annoying.  He tries to make local towns better but fails quite miserably, oh yes he fuckin does! Now joe ya skanger voiced prick, now you know what I think of ya, fat fuckin who ate all the pies and swallowed a moped engine in the process son of a manatee motherfucker! FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!

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