Sunday, October 20, 2013

The way skanger young wans (skanger girls, chav women, dirt, scum) eat rolls and other food stuffs!!!!

Hoy hoy there and welcome to another edition of me giving out about skangers once again because I hate the vermin scummy bastards!!!!  Right, this is one that boggles the fuckin mind, have you ever seen a skanger eating a roll or jambon which them scummers seem to love!  Numero uno, they order the roll and I hate the way they ask for it too, it makes me wanna put my head through the deli counter, they ask for it in a bossy I own dublin type manner, fuckin bastards! "Can oy geh a chicken filleh rowell wit lodza majonasse pleyezz" oh no wait, they dont say pleyezz or even please because they are about as polite as fucking hitler! If i was working there I would say, could you say that to me again, in fucking english pleyezz or get the fuck out, in fact, no, get the fuck out!  When they finally get their rowell, they get outside, open the bastarding thing which takes them about half an hour because theyre talking shite about Johnner or their fellah!!!  Now heres the thing that pisses me the fuck off, they start eating the thing but they dont take a big bite of the fucking thing, no, they pick little bits off and eat it like a mouse or budgy, fuckin arseholes! EAT THE FUCKING THING WILL YA FOR HOLY HELL SAKE!!! I would love to take one french stick and fill it up with about 50 chicken fillets, lodza majonasse, a couple of onions for good measure and top it off with a nice bit of lettuce and then, BEAT THE SKANGER CUNT INTO OBLIVION WITH THE FUCKING THING, GOODNIGHT!!!!!

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