Saturday, October 26, 2013

Skangers who over exaggerate!!!!!!!

Oh hell no, oh fucking hell no!!! This is one you hear a lot of on the fucking bus which is where i spend most my fucking life! You hear a gang of the cunts on the bus, "ah heor, ya wud wanna heor wat i dun da udder nigh, oy drank about 100 cans"! Yeah, sure ya fucking did, i believe ya yeah and david copperfield actually made the statue of liberty disappear, oh yeah, ya definitely did drink 100 cans, club orange maybe, but not alcohol, ya would be BROWN BREAD and that wouldnt be a bad thing either, one less of the fucking VERMIN! I rode this girl the other night, yeah, sure ya did, taking one look at your grotesque elephant mannish head, ya definitely didnt, ya ugly fucking skanger cunt!!!!!  Ya may have receieved a handjob, definitely, FROM YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!! Good day!!!

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