Thursday, October 17, 2013

Skangers who ask, ARE YOU A HIPPY?

Now this my pedigree chums gets on my fucking tits!!! A skanger comes up and asks, heor, are you a  hippy? Well clearly fucking not, I don't shout flower power and wear tie dyed tshirts and cax! That's just like me asking are you a skanger, well I don't need to ask that because I can clearly fucking tell!!!! Judging by that stupid fucking tone of voice, the unibrow, the dirty on your neck and that dodgy looking filth tash, you are a grade A skanger fuck and waste of fucking space!!!  They think they are being smart but theyre not and theyre heads are made of vulcanized rubber and that's a fuckin fact!  They will all be in third fucking class until they are about 50 years old! Why are you still in this class, your clearly drawing your pension, miss em because I never figured out why the chicken crossed the road! YOU ARE A RUBBERHEADED MORON!  Another one they seem to use is heor lads, look at him/her, look at fucking you! Tracksuit bottoms with socks rolled over them, bubble body warmer, hats and fucking gloves during the summer or as I say SCUMMER! the bang of fucking failure off ya and yar family!!! FIND A HOLE, CRAWL INTO IT AND FUCKING DIE YIZ MUCK SAVAGES!!!!

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