Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wi-Max Broadband Advert

Well holy fuck this advert is very annoying.  It starts off with some baldy shitbag playing guitar complaining about how he got ripped off with other internet service providers such as vodafone and all this shit, well you dont wanna be with vodafone because they are complete bollocks.  Anyway back to the baldy gimp singing, hes singing about this new Wi-Max broadband and he's praising it likes it the best thing since German Lager but I dont believe him because his song sucks cheesy helmet.  The song goes "now I got, wi max the next generation, imagine wi max the new sensation" well I dont wanna and to be honest I would love to smack him very hard over the head with the modem but theyd have to make it the size of the Irish Broadband modem for it to pack a punch.  At the end he says "faster better cheaper no line rental fee, for more information see" but i made my own verse for him "faster better cheaper no line rental fee, if you dont stop singing, your gonna have a gee" and yes I am saying that I would chop of his meat and 2 veg, haha, annoying fucking advert!

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