Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tommy's Out (Party Game)

Hello again my pedigree chums, this time I'll be talking about tommy's out, a game of strategy and skill.  I covered this in a zine I done a few years back but I wanna cover it again as it is quite the funny topic/game.  Right heres how ya get the ball rolling.  Your in a house with a load of yer mates, most likely a partay, anyway, everyone gets into the one room, like a meeting in an office or something except this is the funniest meeting you will ever attend.  The rules of the game are simple, a person has to go off, anywhere in the house, everywhere is game here, the kitchen sink, the bath, you name it, you can shit in it.  This person(alone) has to go off and shit somewhere because the opposition are gonna have to find this turd.  After you have accomplished the shitting phase you have to go back to the room were all your buddies are, well could be ex buddies depending on where you shat, but anyway, you shout tommy's out and they have to go and find the shite, sick game really but it sounds fucking hilarious, I have never competed in a game of this before, dont think I ever would but fuck, its GAS! On the hilariousness front, tommy's out gets a thumbs up!

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