Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One Day I was on the 27 going into town!

Wait til you hear this, wait til you fuckin hear this.  One day I was on the 27 bus heading into the City Centre as I would normally do on a Saturday afternoon, I had no music with me because at the time I was using a discman which was broken, anyway, theres this gang of scumbags down the back talking complete twaddle(bullshite), the usual shite, awe did you hear about whats his face and all that bollocks they do be talking, they always have a brown ring around theyre mouth from the amount of SHITE they talk, anyway, out of the blue one of the lads goes, here lads, do you know what i'd love right now, I thought he was gonna say a ride or something to be one of the lads or something but no, he says, I'D LOVE A PACKET OF HARIBO, hahaha, i just pissed myself laughing kinda to myself, but fuckin hell, hard men wha HARIBO, I thought they'd all start goin, what the fuck but no they start going on about what fuckin flavour they wanted fuckin hell, my guess would be BREAKFAST ROLL and YOKES flavour, fuckin idiots!

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