Monday, October 4, 2010

Galahad Lager 12 for 7.99 in Aldi

Where do I start here, this is such a good fuckin deal its unbefuckinlievable.  I love this shit and its been saving me so much money and thats a good thing coz im on the scratcher.  Well, let me get started on this gold coloured smooth tasting lager.  This stuff is best drank cold, you dont want to be drinkin warm cans of it or warm cans of anything for that matter, youll be gagging like a motherfucker.  If you were to buy a can of this on its own, its 79 cent and thats what you want and what you need let me tells ya.  I've been drinking this for about a month now and heres the good thing, ive never got a hangover once off it which is back of the fuckin net material.  The only problen is that its 3.9 per cent, but listen here buddies, that means you can drink a fuck load of them and that is beautiful, it really is!!! So I give Galahad Lager straight out of ALDI a huge thumbs up! GET IN!