Monday, October 4, 2010

Tennents Super Strength Lager

Well hello there, one sunny sunday afternoon me and 2 of my buddies went on a trip to belfast.  We were quite thirsty on our arrival so we needed refreshments(booze).  We spotted a local tesco and we entered the facility.  We went over and browsed the fine selection of beers and ciders and wait a minute, wait just a minute, i spotted something ive never seen in dublin before, a 9% lager in the form of Tennents Super strength.  I was very intrigued indeed, so i picked up a few of these bad boys, I knew I wouldnt need many of them as they are quite high in the ABV department so i bought 4 of them and 2 other beers.  We were playing a gig in the warzone centre so I waited til we got round there til i cracked one.  We arrived at the venue and I cracked one of the bad boys.  Holy shit, what I was about to receive wasnt what i was expecting.  I took a sip of this and my facial expression changed in an instant, fuck me, it was like taking a gulp of alcoholic soup, it was so thick it was unbelieveable, holy shit.  My advice to you is steer clear my pedigree chums coz your in for a world full of hurt. Tatty bye!

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