Thursday, November 15, 2012

Skangers wearing BABY BLUE tracksuits and BODY FUCKING WARMERS!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh, what the fuck is with this.  Every fucking skanger you see nowadays is wearing a baby blue tracksuit and these body warmers, HARD MEN, WHA!  SCUMMY FUCKS!!!  They also wear fuckin CONVERSE aswell, yeah, they fucking ruined them for everyone and also VANS, you scummy little fucks!!! I seen an ad for DUFFERS skanger wear this morning and it was basically that scumbag look.  If I get hold of a thick black snowman marker that poster is going DOWN!!! Im gonna write on it, yeah, DUFFERS, THE FUCKING SKANGER LOOK!!!!  They still do the HANDS DOWN THE BAGS thing aswell, what the fuck, theyre checking to see if theres still a COCKTAIL SAUSAGE down there, little fuckin REPTILES!!!! EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!!!!!!

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