Thursday, November 15, 2012

Garda and Segways!

Yeah, this combination goes hand in hand big time, ME BOLLIX!!!!  What the fuck are they giving the garda segways for, so they can act the bollocks on their lunch break, they do that anyway!!!!  I seen 2 of the numptys yesterday on the fuckin things doing spins on them at the traffic lights, I can see what the tax payers money is paying for, WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS, these garda thought they were in fuckin detroit or something, they thought they were in robocop!!! If that was the case, I hope Clarence Bodiker blows your fucking hands off with a shotgun, yiz cunts.  When they first gave the pigs bikes I was saying to myself awe jayzis, theyre trying to be all american now, fuckin arseholes, but SMEGWAYS, i mean SMEGWAYS, oh i've done it again, SEGWAYS, i thought to myself, theyre taking the royal piss!!!!!!  They just look thick on them, hey wait a minute, maybe theres a hidden agenda behind this to actually make them look stupid, yeah, i can dream on.  Tatty bye bye now!!!  P.S.  THEY DO LOOK VERY STUPID ON THEM, ITS LIKE THEYRE RIDING A FUCKIN DUBLIN CORPORATION BIN WITH FUCKIN WHEELS ON!!!

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