Monday, November 26, 2012

Skanger young wan's who think they are PUNKS!

What the fuck is this all about i hear you cry.  Its skanger cunt young ones walking around in Doc Martens or Crepes wearing tshirts of bands they would never in their wildest dreams have heard of.  The little bastards.  Its coz that fucking twat Rihanna is doing it, they are jumping on the fuckin band wagon, the little motherfuckers, the fuckin CHAV BAND WAGON is the one their riding on.  Seen 2 of the cunts yesterday and I just said to myself, they wouldnt know punk if it walloped them in the face very very fucking hard, which should have been the fuckin case.  The thing is, every other day of the week you see the cunts wearing the latest range of KNACKSUITS and BOAT SHOES, they look fucking RIDICULOUS!!! They should all be tarred, feather, smacked in the head with a PIKE (fish), fucked into a barrel and rolled down the tallest hill you can find!!!! FUCKIN ARSEHOLES!!! GOOD DAY TO YA!!!!

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  1. I'm bookmarking this. I like your use of the word "cunt" a lot :)

    I came from here....