Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Galway Bay Table Beer from The Black Sheep Capel Street

Its been a while since I updated this but I just had to tell people about this one, fuck yes.  Well hello there.  Was in the Black Sheep a few weeks back and didnt know what to be drinking because they only sell craft beers which isn't a bad thing if you find the right one.  I got a pint of this stuff called Galway Bay Table Beer, i thought it was a bit of a weird name but anyway, I took a sip of this gold coloured beer and fuck me, it was like there was a session in my mouth and everyone was invited, it was fuckin delish man.  I ended up drinking it for the night coz it was so nice.  Some of the craft beers taste a bit rank, they have quite the TWANG off them which can kinda make ya gag and ya dont wanna be doing that whilst out on the oul session.  I highly recommend this fine beer for your consumption, im sure there are other nice ones in there but this is my weapon of choice if i ever go back there so horse it into ya cynthia.  Good day!

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