Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sweeneys Bar, Dame Street

Well, well, where do I start with this fucking kip!  Played several gigs here and was always a fucking manky place to play in.  The place is full of hipster motherfuckers with sticks up their arses looking at ya as if you have 20 heads, kinda like saying, what are you doing in my pub? I DONT WANNA BE HERE, ITS A SHITHOLE!!!!!  Anyway back to this shitkip!  Theres two particular bar staff in there that are complete fucking cunts!  Anytime theres a gig on in the KIP the sound engineer keeps fucking disappearing, what the fuck is he doing, gone to pound the parson, flog the dolphin, choke the chicken, pull the pork, YA GET MY FUCKING DRIFT!  They also had THE STRYPES play in this kip, that says it all really coz they cater for the wankers that go there! SHITHOLE! I wont be going back I tell ya!

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