Thursday, November 7, 2013

Personal Space Invaders

When i say personal space invaders i dont mean a copy of the game space invaders that is an exclusive possession, no, i mean bastards that stand in your way or are basically right beside ya as if they are attached to ya.  This really gets on my barse, ya have these cunts who just stand in front of ya or sit down on the bus that may aswell be sitting on your fuckin knee, cunts! One christmas i was on the bus and some fuckin gee bag thought i was some kind of shopping bag rest, well i quickly addressed that situation (nipped it in the bud if you will).  I fucked the bags off my leg, the head on the fuckin sour faced cunt after it, what, are ya gonna ger johnner after me, the father of your 12th child!  In rathmines one day i seen people walking by this woman and they may aswell have been stepping on her toes they were walking so close, what did she do, she tripped them up and a few of them went flying, ah well, hate that shit!!!!  DONT BE INVADING PERSONAL SPACE! Especially standing behind a persons computer and eyeballing what they are doing, thats a need to know basis and you dont need to fucking know, now fuck off, good day!

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