Saturday, February 19, 2011

Word of the day GIMP!

Right, this is a word i use a lot and its used in the term like, hes a fuckin gimp as in a fuckin eejit but this word also has another meaning.  I take it you've seen pulp fiction and if you havent, you may aswell get back under that rock you've been living under for the last while.  Theres a frienldy little chap that lives in a treasure chest in that film called the gimp, dressed from head to toe in leather, leather clad even.  But he is very creepy, anyway, he is a GIMP and thats my word of the day GIMP! Some one told me before that them type of gimps, the leather ones, is spelt, GMP and it stands for General Male Prostitute, I dunno how true that is, but its fuckin hilarious!

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