Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tucher Lager from Aldi

Now my pedigree chums, today I will be exchanging my opinions with you on a lager straight outta aldi called Tucher and its not pleasant!  Right, were do I start with this stuff.  I bought two bottles of this here lager last saturday and was deceived when i got home, right, you no that saying never judge a book by its cover, well the same thing goes for this piss, the bottle looks nice but a bit too nice.  I cracked on of these whilst watching a film, i thought i'd sit back and relax with this bottle of lager, i took one sip and my face went from excited to mortified for fucks sake.  I felt like i had taken a shit with my trousers on. I felt like I had been stabbed in the back courtesy of aldi.  It really an unpleasant taste fuck me it was rank.  Look, I drank both of them in the end, when i say drank i mean force fed them to myself in about 4 hours, by that time you should have at least 4 cans down your throat hole.  They come in 500ml bottles and 5.3% but come guys, stick to what you know, they have a fine choice of beers, saint etienne, galahad and the finest lowenstein but if you anyone ever offers you a tucher throw it in their face and tell them to fuck off, its a fuckin disgrace! I give tucher lager a bit fat 0 out of 5 coz its pure piss in a bottle and its muck.  Tatty bye now!!!

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