Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tram Co Rathmines (outside on a saturday night/morning)

Well well, jaysus man, this is getting ridiculous, every saturday night walking home theres always a melee aka fisticuffs going on outside the kip.  Last night for instance 2 lads lumping the heads off each other, you could hear the sounds thwack and smack ringing through the cold streets of rathmines.  I'm telling ya now, they should do something about it and the bouncers are puny little fuckers aswell because one week I seen one of them getting decked, it was good to see but seriously, that place is a fucking kip!  Its over sized muscle bound fuckers who can't handle the oul gargle and then getting into scraps with people, if you were to walk by the fight you would be on the receiving end of a right hook, ah fuck this place anyway, i've never been in the place and never intend on going in now, bye bye!

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