Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tesco Rathmines (skangers hanging around in the place)

Well, where the fuck do I start here, everytime I go down to Tesco in Rathmines to pick up say, my breakfast, lunch or dinner, thats what colin farrell said about someones gee in a certain video but anyway back to the story at gland I mean hand sorry about that, right, theres always a skanger in some shape or form acting the bollocks hanging around in tesco.  Come on lads of all places to hang around they choose tesco rathmines for fuck sake, theres a nice park around the corner called belgrave, go around there the fuck.  Sometimes when you go to the biscuit or crisp isle theres a fuckin rave going on with cunts playing music off theyre phones, stupid fucks!  Theres always half eaten packets of crisps and bars aswell so theyre obviously having a little party for themselves aswell, if I was to go in with a gang of my mates blairing punk or ska and eating all sorts of snack treats theyd tell us to get the fuck out but they never say anything to the skangers, ah well, fuck the lot of them!  Theres always junkie oulwan's hanging around aswell so beware of the shithole that is tesco!

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