Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lyons Coffee

Well hello again my pedigree chums and welcome to another review, now this one isn't pretty at all at all!  Lyons make coffee? you say, yes they do, I didn't know this until I picked it up in Dealz one sunday afternoon.  I couldn't wait to get home and have a cup of this caffeine type drink.  I cracked open the jar, dug the spoon in and took one heaped spoonful of this.  I then poured in the water, the smell, I was saying what the fuck, it smelt like OXO, no word of a lie, it was rotten.  I said to myself, ah fuck it, ill put in the milk and have a sip and see what happens.  I done that, I took a sip and fuck me, my tastebuds were saying to me "WHY, WHY HAVE YOU BETRAYED US"! This was fucking torture.  I thought because LYONS make a nice TEA, which they certainly do and the shitty adverts tell ya so that they would make a nice coffee, well fuck no they dont! Do not and I mean, DO NOT buy this coffee! Its actually WORSE than TESCO VALUE coffee which is one of the RANKEST coffees I have ever drank.  Its complete DURT!  Let me describe the taste, em, em, em, FUCKING MANKY! DO NOT BUY OR TRY THIS, YOU WILL REGRET IT! G'day!

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