Friday, November 12, 2010

Fade Street on RTE2

Where the fuck do I start with this piece of tripe.  Its about a load of stuck up cunts from Dublin that have an internship working for MCD(gang of pricks).  Why in the fuck would you wanna work for those gimps anyway.  I dunno.  Oh wait a minute, theres this cunt from wexford on it aswell and she doesnt help matters in the CRINGE department.  In one of the scenes theyre drinking in this bar in the Powerscourt Centre(rip off) and these two cunts with fringes come over to them, you know the kind im on about, think BERNARD SHAW PUB and that DICKHEAD SONG and youve got it.  They come over and sit down and start coming on to these girls that I wouldnt touch with your's and they start making a show of themselves, theyre in some shit indie band called Kid Karate and if they end up reading this review, this is what I think of you, a gang of STUPID FRINGED MOTHERFUCKIN EEJITS, get a fuckin life, cunts, oh yeah, its a shit programme, so my advice is steer well clear, oh yeah!!!!

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